Play exciting football with Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer release date is on December 8, 2011, published by First Touch on App Store.

As the name suggests, this is an unmistakable soccer game. The players can start from the scratch by recruiting solid soccer players and building the best team to challenge equally potent players from across the globe. As a player, you can test your skills against other online players. Using the Dream League Soccer Coins, you can sign up players or create your own players for the soccer battle.

Dream League Soccer

 The game uses eye-pleasing interface and smooth and effortless transitions giving users a cool maneuvering experience. The visuals are sharp, colors are great, controls smooth, overall it is aimed to provide an addictive experience. In order to experience it, you’ll have to play it!

The fun really begins in the game simulator. You only have three basic buttons: pass, shoot, and cross – but these are more than enough for you to enjoy an amazing control system. You can use them to block and make long passes, dribbles, lobs, and much more.

The game begins with you as the manager of the Dream Fc Team. At the start you have pre-selected players within the line up. Now here’s the first challenge, supposedly it’s made up of four classes and you landed on the fourth, wouldn’t you work hard to take over the Elite Division? Other than that of course, you have to complete the entire seasons’ objectives and be the finest team in the world of Dream League Soccer game.

Dream League Soccer

On your way to fame, you can also take over the world of football by participating via online multiplayer modes. Dream League Soccer has already gained popularity in Belgium, Russia, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK and the South Korea. Synchronise Dream League on PC using Andy and get awed with the superb sounds of the exclusive game soundtrack by Secret Rivals, We Outspoken, Dance á la Plage, Charly Coombes and the New Breed!

The passing within the game is not the greatest because if you don’t put enough power on the ball then it just basically rolls out infront of the player who kicked the ball just sitting there waiting for the opposition to gain possession. The long pass system impresses me as the ball does actually go to player you are aiming for and not out the stadium for it to land on some poor fella walking the streets or for the  locals to steal. Shooting in the game seems to be strange at times, because you can sometimes make unbelievable goals and other times your players shoot like they are blindfolded but at times the goal keeper might as well be Casper because all they seem to do is stand there a look pretty.

Dream League Soccer also has an online multiplayer option where you can take the team you have built on the offline management and take them online to play against people all over the world but you do need a wifi connection